When traveling to Mexico, what forms do I need to fill out?

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As a foreigner, you should fill out two forms before passing immigration when arriving at a Mexican airport:

  1. Customs declaration.
  2. Entry registration form.

The customs declaration looks like this:

Mexico Customs Declaration

Official form is here.

The entry registration card (FMM migration form) looks like this:

Mexico Entry Registration

Mexico Entry Registration Back 2

Mexico Entry Registration Stamp

The entry registration (immigration form) can be split into two. You have to fill out both parts of the form before seeing the immigration agent when arriving to Mexico. The immigration agent will keep the top part, and it will put a stamp to the bottom part, which you must keep and give to the airline when departing from Mexico.

Another picture of the form is here.

It would be better if you fill out the forms in the airplane. Ask for both to your air attendant 🙂

Official information here.

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